CYE Petrol is mounting EMERSON Coriolis Mass Flow Meters to Bunker Barges.


CYE Petrol has been using EMERSON Coriolis Mass Flow Meters for loading of bunker barges since 2005.

Now ,CYE Petrol made an agreement with EMERSON to mount coriolis mass flow meters to all of her bunker barges.

CYE is aiming to register her service quality, eliminate uncertainty and bring the quality and quantity parameters into the center of the competition. First mass flow meters will be installed to the two new builts during june-july 2014. Rest of the bunker barge fleet will be mounted in the following months.

Once again CYE Petrol is the initiator of a quality issue in bunker industry. With doing that we are aiming to offer our customers a new level of accuracy and to increase the efficiency of the delivery process.